ICE Circle advances ground-breaking inventions in clean energy technologies, energy efficient programs and alternative fuels which deliver both reliable and economically viable energy production. ICE Circle is delighted to be working in collaboration with Kane Kramer Chairman of the British Inventors Society to develop the ICE Innovation Initiative; an array of phenomenal yet sustainable clean energy solutions that offer exceptional environmental, and humanitarian performance.

The Circle will propel advanced energy applications; by rapidly scaling up the supply of clean energy in the both developed and the developing worlds to help make the transition to clean, safe and renewable energy, that is affordable. Kane Kramer and his team will bring his scientific and technical network to appraise global intelligence to identify truly pioneering energy discoveries to form a cluster of opportunities to present to the ICE Circle network of ‘clean funders’.

Our philosophy is put inventors with clean energy devices together with circle members who have the ability to commercialise clean technologies. ICE Circle will look after the inventor’s interests to help ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. Inventors are concerned about being steamrollered and/or cheated by wealthy companies and the public feeling is very much that good inventions are bought up by energy companies and then shelved to maintain current profits. This initiative is where inventors can safely come to bring their inventions to scale.

With the many new and promising clean technologies and applications that are available, and constantly emerging, the social investor must constantly be updated with knowledge on emerging energy applications. The ICE Innovation Circle will consistently survey trends to identify emerging opportunities as they occur.

We understand the universal goal to deliver the social and environmental impact that is vital for optimal development.