International Clean Energy (ICE) Circle works towards addressing and tackling environmental degradation by identifying and promoting sustainable projects worldwide. It stimulates the implementation of clean energy technologies, energy efficient programs, alternative fuels and emission reducing initiatives to tackle the pressing issues of climate change.

Renu Mehta has founded ICE Circle on the premise that considerable investment by the private sector is integral to the transition and adaptation to low carbon technologies. This is to complement the legion of public sector and charitable activism, markedly for those living in both the North and the South.

ICE Circle's influence resides in the collective power of key entrepreneurial and philanthropic leadership dialogue and engagement. Performance is driven by access to economic intelligence and environmental principles via our significant network of partners. Respectively, we have created two well-defined portfolios; Innovation and Policy, balancing the needs at both the global and local level.

Currently 2 billion people in the world do not have access to clean energy. Lack of energy access is a major impediment on development. At the heart of our mission, we aim to take efficient and low-cost clean energy innovations to the developing world, providing greater energy access to the poorest of the poor. Together with our strategic partners, we will make the direct link between the environment and poverty to dramatically improve the standard of living of those who have been previously denied basic energy supply.

We aim to showcase and bridge ethical investments and new products with the view of presenting both commercial and charitable initiatives to our members. Conversely, ICE Circle is a not-for-profit, non- partisan organisation with all revenues being directed to its activities and steering progression.