With Climate Change high on the agenda, ICE Circle made its global launch at the high profile campaigning and convening event - the 2nd Fortune Forum on 30th November, 2007 on a shared platform with The British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, Wateraid and African Renaissance. The forum which convenes the great and the good to tackle the interdependent issues of climate change, global poverty and healthcare was addressed by The Hon Al Gore, Nobel Laureate 2007 (keynote speaker) and was also addressed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Former Primer Minister Tony Blair, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir David Frost, Jerry Hall, Lily Cole and Damien Rice.

Last year's inaugural event was attended by an array of
eminent speakers, including the former US President
Bill Clinton, Michael Douglas and Deepak Chopra.
Yusuf islam
(formerly Cat Stevens) gave his first major
performance in over 28 years. www.fortuneforum.org

The Hon Al Gore delivered the keynote address at the second Fortune Forum Summit. Later, in his Nobel Lecture
he said that 'We have to give inventors around the globe a chance to change the world'

International Clean Energy (ICE) Circle was launched at the event to advance innovation in clean energy and to influence
the framework of governments to commit greater resources
to address climate change. The following participants also
addressed ICE Circle's concerns ;

Caroline Lucas MEP stressed the need to focus on
real, lasting, fundamental policy change, so we can address
the underlying causes of poverty and environmental
destruction, not just the symptoms.

Kane Kramer, founder of The British Inventors
Society galvanised awareness for the importance of
the role of implementing innovation to accelerate the
transition to clean, safe and affordable technology.

Daryl Hannah
cautioned that our over-demand for
natural resources is causing the wholesale destruction of
life and encouraged supporting local communities and

Now it is plain and widely accepted that climate change is
a looming catastrophe, the question has shifted from
'Should we act?' to 'How can we act now?'. With many investors just entering this arena, the multiple options can
be perplexing, even obscure. Our partners will bring their
scientific and policy pedigrees to evaluate and deliver
technology diligence and effective policy change with

ICE Circle will host regular meetings; summits, forums and
processes to bring together participants; leading experts,
corporations, governments, NGOs, media, foundations,
philanthropists and financial institutions.

ICE Circle aims to unite the conforming technology
application with its relevant industry counterpart with
a special accent on innovation. Bespoke roundtable
meetings and ministerial introductions can be arranged
for our more committed members. The two initiatives; Innovation and Policy, in co-operation with our partners,
will focus in on these issues by convening a series of
intimate events.

ICE Circle hosted the panel discussion ‘Doing well and Doing Good’ at the Fortune Forum Club event held on 2nd July, 2008 where fine examples of advancing green principles were being explored.



The speakers included; Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannau, Founder of Easygroup and Serial Entrepreneur. Stelios gave examples of how one can integrate green models within one’s respective business.

Johan Eliasch, Chairman of Head HVand the British Prime Minister's Special Representative on Deforestation and Clean Energy. Johan communicated how we can assist the efforts of halting deforestation.


David de Rothschild, Founder of Adventure Ecology. David articulated how is it possible to address climate change by combining Adventure, Education and Creative Art.

Pierre Lagrange, Founder of GLG Partners How can we make wise financial choices and propel the transition to clean energy technologies? Think about the trillions of philanthropic capital tied up in endowments that are only delivering in one dimension that is financial. Pierre described how there could be an integrated environmental and financial bottom line.


Robin Birley, Founder of Envirotrade and African Renaissance. Robin expressed how it is possible to plant trees and to build local livelihoods that address both poverty as well as bio-diversity?

Our moderator John-Paul Flintoff, Chief writer at The Sunday Times generously held court and invigorated the discussion.

Essentially, all of the speakers conveyed that you can make great investments and propel sound values.