The level of access and presence at meetings is built upon member engagement and support. Participation benefits will include the following advantages and particulars:-

• Presentations of innovations in clean energy technologies, energy efficient programs, alternative fuels and emission reducing initiatives worldwide.

• Introductions to advocacy groups and policy solution based intiatives.

• Experience and knowledge sharing amongst peers to aid effective investing.

• Access to technology research, reports and support to assist understanding.

• Membership is limited exclusively for super net-worth individuals, heads of foundations and corporation representation at CEO, Chairman or President or its equivalent level. This is to ensure networking in a safe and familiar environment amongst peers.

• Facilitation and guidance on how to offset and purchase carbon credits with The Chicago Climate Exchange. CCX brings together 225 organizations dedicated to building cost-effective., market based systems for reducing carbon emissions whose corporate members include Ford, DuPont and IBM.

• Visibility around media related events (optional for those who wish to remain anonymous). Bespoke publicity for organisations that demonstrate environmental responsibility and genuine concern to manage and reduce their carbon emissions within their respective industries.

• Organisations who contribute to environmental progress and exhibit environmental leadership will have a competitive commercial advantage by displaying their ethical and environmental values.

• Partnerships are tailored to express the extent of a corporation or individual’s commitment to meeting the challenges of tackling climate change. Partnerships include access to select roundtables, ministerial meetings and The ICE Inner Circle.

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